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Raíces – Roots Traveling Art Exhibit


November 4, 2011 – December 7, 2012

Raíces – Roots Traveling Art Exhibit

Where Does Your Art Come From? ¿De Dónde Nace Tu Arte?

A Collaborative: A year long traveling exhibit of Artist Studio Project and The Latino Community Credit Union

Latino Community Credit Union (LCCU) and Artist Studio Project (ASP) have partnered to create a traveling art exhibit featuring Latino artists from North Carolina.  The exhibit — Raíces/Roots”: Where does your art come from?   
¿De Dónde Nace Tu Arte? — brings original artwork to the community and promotes the important work of local Latino artists.  A kick-off event for the exhibit was held on November 4th at 100 West Morgan Street in Durham from 6:30-8:30pm. Admission to the exhibit is free and open to the general public. The exhibit started off in the Durham Branch through the end of December 2011 and now has begun to travel to the other credit union branches in North Carolina and will continue its tour though December of 2012.
This exhibition, co-curated by Artist Studio Project (ASP) founder Rafael A. Osuba and Visual Artist Gustavo De Los Rios, asks the essential question, Where does your art come from?  ¿De Dónde Nace Tu Arte? 

The artists in Raíces / Roots include both U.S.-born and immigrant artists, among them Cuban, Columbian, Peruvian, Argentinean and Mexican American who reside in North Carolina and have shown their works throughout the United States, and internationally. 
The 10-piece show will be on exhibit in the Latino Community Credit Union in Durham starting November 4th, 2011 through the end of December 31st.  The exhibition will then travel the state for nearly a full year, bringing original artwork to viewers in communities large and small before moving on to its next locations. 

The show includes paintings, sculptures, and a music performance work displayed on short circuit TV that will also be available for purchase. 
It features four professional visual artists and one professional musical composer.  It also showcases an emerging artist with the intention of encouraging other artists to continue to create and develop their craft as ASP works to open doors, build collaborations, find creative venues and platforms to showcase their work. The current exhibition is a small sampling of the talent found here in North Carolina.

Artists include: Enrique Vega (Blacksmith/Sculptures) Cuban, Eduardo Lapetina (Abstract Painter) Argentinean, Gustavo Delos Rios (Visual Artist) Colombian, David Sovero (Visual Artist) Peruvian, Alejandro Santoyo (Pianist/Composer) Mexican – American, and Levy Vargas (Emerging Visual Artist) Colombian.
It is our hope that working Latino Artists, curators, galleries, and art administrators, throughout North Carolina will connect with us.

The exhibit was viewed by an estimated 60,000 viewers.




















Video Production: Rafael A. Osuba & Gustavo De Los Rios